Monday, September 15, 2014

A few days back i got a mail from a customer in France about Live Inbox crashing every hour. We were pretty surprised but we offered to help resolve the issue

TLDR; It was the graphic driver!

The customer got on a Skype voice call with us and explained the issue. He was running on a Outlook 2013 32 bit installation. A quick report from the Live Inbox Tools shipped with the 2.4 series of Live Inbox showed that he had a lot of plugins running.

A quick run into the Live Inbox logs showed that for some reason, Live Inbox was going down. Outlook has the ability to load multiple plugins, and it takes one plugin to bring the entire house down. But since it was a proper crash, we had access to the Windows Error Reporting (WER) files. The Live Inbox Tools do not extract the WER files. So we used the excellent tool called AppCrashView from Nir Sofer.

Outlook was indeed going down, It turned out that the Fault Module Name was igd10iumd32.dll which matched the driver of Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 - as reported by dxdiag.exe

Live Inbox uses WPF to display its user interface. WPF uses DirectX to direct the GPU. Intel also provides a generic driver to fix this issue. A long term solution would be to update to this driver (Please consult with your maintenance team)

To detect if your crash is due to the driver, run Live Inbox Tools (Live Inbox and above), uncheck the "Use Hardware Acceleration" box, restart Live Inbox and see if the crashes go away. Note this setting is global to all WPF applications! So be sure to check it back again. You can find more information here

No more crashes, The customer had his problem sorted out.